How to approach cleaning up an emergent moire pattern in a low resolution image?

This sample image is a screenshot taken from the TV series Matlock (Season 1 episode 10) and exhibits a very strong moire effect. There is also additional composite artifacts which add a rainbow to the pattern.

enter image description here

The composite artifacts can be easily removed by normalizing the hue with a mask and matching it to the rest of the suit:

enter image description here

But what can be done about the moire pattern across the suit?

There is a lot of discussion about this in various parts of the internet but I wanted to discuss solutions here and to get feedback on this particular case.

While looking at artifacts in a picture, our brain can easily filter out the extraneous noise and see that this is still a brown striped suit. But the moire pattern destroys the original underlying pattern, replacing it with a new the emergent pattern.

I think the only way to approach this is to extract the shadows and repaint the light and darks by hand and then use that to recreate a surface.

Is this the right approach? After after removing all of the patterns from the surface, where do I go from there? I could try to recreate a matching texture of the pattern, how would I get it to contour the suit jacket?


I think there’s not an easy way or filter to eliminate the distortion since you have to recover the fabric pattern deleted by the moire.

enter image description here

Here an approach making a photomontage duplicating, rotating and masking this part in different layers:

enter image description here


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