How to automate exporting multiple PNGs with different sizes from Photoshop?

I have a PSD file with a 96 px × 96 px resolution. Now I want to save this as four PNG files with different resolutions such as 36 px × 36 px, 48 px × 48 px, 72 px × 72 px and 96 px × 96px. Instead of adjusting the image size manually four times and saving as option, can I automate this somehow?


Not a complete solution, but this might help someone who’s come here from Google.

If you save with File → Save for Web you can re-size during the saving process, the options are on the right-hand side under Image Size.

I do this quite often when I need a couple of different sizes for an image, although as the other responses have noted, if you are designing icons, use vectors, it’ll make your life so much easier.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lenin Raj Rajasekaran , Answer Author : Wrzlprmft

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