How to automatically document the image dimensions of a huge list of different sized images?

I have over 1000 images to process and it would make life easier if I could obtain the dimensions of the each image in a spreadsheet or document.

I was hoping for a program or something where I could drag and drop the images to the program and it automatically created a CSV (Comma Separated Values list) of dimensions.

How can I automatically generate a list of image dimensions from a folder with over 1000 images in it?


You didn’t specify which platform you’re on, but I know it’s quite easy on Ubuntu using the package ‘libimage-exiftool-perl’

sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl

For example, to extract height & width from JPG files only in a particular folder and export the results to csv, you could run:

exiftool -csv -ext jpg -ImageWidth -ImageHeight /MyFolder > output.csv

It’s a very powerful tool that can do much more than this, more info HERE.

EDIT: There are Windows and OSX builds available on the page link above as well, I haven’t used them.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jay , Answer Author : Veazer

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