How to automatically repeat labels on a page in Inkscape?

I make labels for my beer bottles in Inkscape. With each new batch of beer I need to change the label. When I am done I want to print 8 labels on each page.

Right now I export the SVG as PDF and use a small LaTeX document to place the 8 graphics on the page. It works, but is a little clunky.

Is there a better way for easy arranging the lables without having to update all eight labels for the next batch?


You can do this in Inkscape using Clones.

Select your grouped artwork (a single label), and use EditCloneCreate Tiled Clones…

Clone dialog

In your case, you probably want 4 rows and two columns to produce this sort of layout:

Cloned Label

Source : Link , Question Author : Robert , Answer Author : JohnB

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