How to avoid redundant iCloud photo upload from iPhone when the same photos have been uploaded from Mac?

I have iCloud Photo Library enabled on Mac as well as iPhone so all my photos remain synced. Yesterday I imported a bunch of photos (~200) from iPhone to Mac with Photos app import feature. Then I allowed the new photos to be uploaded to iCloud from Mac. My phone didn’t have wifi access at this time so phone didn’t upload those, as expected. Now when I connect the phone to wifi all the photos seem to be being uploaded from phone as well ( as seen in Settings > Photos & Camera on iPhone. It says Uploading 268 items there), when they’ve already been uploaded to cloud from Mac.

Is there any way to allow upload only from one of the devices? I was hoping iCloud sync will be able to figure this out and only upload the photos that require uploading.

What’s the best I can do to avoid redundant uploads?


Source : Link , Question Author : Atul Goyal , Answer Author : Community

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