How to balance and match colors in a color scheme?

I’ve selected a list of colors (for months of the year). This initial set seems (logically) good to me, however I certainly need to adjust some color tones in brightness, saturation or so.

Is there a systematic way to make these colors more balanced and matching?

PS: It’s for data plots so the color should be distinguishable.


This is only related to your question as-stated, and more to your intended use of the colours:

You might want to ask yourself if you’re ever going to find twelve colours distinctive enough for a single data plot. And, if you do, whether that data plot is going to be legible. Twelve lines in a single plot is crowded no matter how you bring it, no matter how distinguished your colours are from each other.

It might be an idea to split the plot in two: six lines per plot is way easier to read. Or, you might want to just plot the months that are remarkable, the data you are trying to talk about. Another potion might be to not plot months, but quarters.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gerenuk , Answer Author : Vincent

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