How to batch convert RGB to CMYK and have black mapped to 0%C, 0%M, 0%Y, 100%K (NOT rich black!)

I have several SVG files (generated by a JavaScript framework) that need to end up as CMYK .EPS files for print.

So I made an action for it, changing the document color mode to CMYK, assigning a CMYK profile, flattening etc.

EPS Out action to batch convert RGB SVGs to CMYK EPSes

I want the RGB blacks to become 100%K in CMYK. It’s 83%C 79%M 73%Y 95%K now.

I looked in Edit > Preferences > Appearance of Black… and set it to Output All Blacks Accurately

Appearance of Black set to Output All Blacks Accurately

I wouldn’t like to do it manually for every file, is there a way to interpret RGB black as 100%K by default?


I haven’t figured out any other way than with scripting.

Here’s the script:

Flatten Black – Illustrator script to batch convert rich blacks to 100%KFlatten Black.jsx Demo

To use inside an action insert it with Insert Menu Item. It works by scanning through your CMYK artwork looking for fill or stroke colors that have a more than 95% black and 300% coverage (you can set this at the top of the script). Those colors it mercilessly changes to 0%C, 0%M, 0%Y, 100%K – flat aka pure black.

I’d love to hear an alternative answer as I feel this is a pretty basic feature that I expected Illustrator to have. Please also share how this is achieved in competing software (Corel, Inkscape etc.)

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