How to batch rotate image to make them all landscape?

I have a thousand of pictures of the same fixed scene, but for an unknown reason some of them are vertical, not horizontal.

So I would like to batch process all the images and rotate them 90° if the width is smaller than the height of the image.

I tried to play with the “Action” and the “Batch process” feature, but I did not find where I can add conditional to my scripts.


You can put a Conditional step in an action: use the Insert Conditional... command in the Actions flyout menu:

enter image description here

So first create an action to rotate and save a document. Then create an action with a condition. There’s a rule If Current Document Is Landscape

enter image description here

so Then Play Action will remain None and Else Play Action will be your rotate & save action.

Source : Link , Question Author : nowox , Answer Author : Sergey Kritskiy

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