How to begin with UI design

Newbie here. I like the web and UI design, and I know what good UI and good design is, but I lack Photoshop skills.

Sometimes when I try to do design work my mind goes blank or gets mixed up because there are too many references that I like and it’s hard for me to determine which design I prefer.

Where can I learn and improve my Photoshop skills and how can I start working on a concept?

Until now, I’ve been paying a designer to do what’s in my mind, but I really want to be able to design.


Never start with the tool. Learn the fundamentals of layout, color theory, UX (user experience) and HCI (human-computer interaction). When you understand how to manipulate the data to control the experience then you can create killer interfaces.

Then find the tool that works for you. I do all my mock-ups in Illustrator. There is plenty of disagreement on this point but Photoshop is really an image editor. Illustrator, Inkscape or Fireworks are all better designed for layout.

UPDATE > I’m also experimenting with Sketch now. It’s more intuitive and much less expensive than Illustrator. Not as mature, but it’s getting there.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE > I’m all in with Sketch. For pure interface design, it’s the best thing going right now. It has it’s limitations, but with the JSTalk plug-in platform I think it will catch up quickly. At version 3.2 it’s already improved my workflow considerably. Since Illy was my main Adobe tool, I’ve also ditched Pshop for the simpler Pixelmator. Sketch + Pixelmator has been a powerful duo.

Source : Link , Question Author : Stephanus Lukmanto , Answer Author : plainclothes

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