How to break apart text in individual words or letters in Illustrator cs6?

Hi all does anybody know how to break text in words or letters. So that they can be editable individually as text not Path ?


I have found an answer on another forum. I work in motion graphics and create scenes in Illustrator with a lot of typography. In order for the vectors to be individually animated I need the word(s) (still editable in case the client wants any changes) on a separate layer. This is a very annoying and tedious process but I have found a fairly quick workaround.

Save your Illustrator file as a PDF and Uncheck the Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities box. Close the file. Now once you re-open the PDF within Illustrator the text will be broken into groups depending on your layout, color, text size (and it will remain editable).

For me this is way faster than duplicating my text layer, deleting the words I don’t need, and re-aligning to my design for each word I need to separate.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gobind Neupane , Answer Author : JohnB

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