How to bucket fill area with a gradient in Gimp?

I have a very simple problem. In the following image I want the pinnacles and other parts of my (admittedly very awesome) castle filled with some color and other shapes or outlines filled with other gradients.

For some very odd reason I cannot seem to tell the bucket fill tool to use a gradient? Or am I stupid? 🙂

enter image description here


Have you tried this:

  1. use the Magic Wand tool and click the empty area that you want filled
    with the gradient. There should be a dashed line inside the area.
  2. Switching over to the Blend Tool
  3. Pick your gradient
  4. Apply gradient by clicking and dragging inside your selection, see image

Step 4

Update @Domi:
This video should give you an idea how I use layer masks. You can use this masking technique together with the Blend Tool to create a gradient that fills the pinnacle of your towers

Source : Link , Question Author : Domi , Answer Author : Damir

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