How to buy a used version of Photoshop

I would like to buy a second-hand version of Photoshop as I am not ready for the $700 investment yet.

Is it possible? If it is, what is the process and were would be a safe place to buy a used version of Photoshop? I am looking for CS3 or CS4.


Adobe allows you to transfer the license to another user. So you need to make sure that whomever you purchase it from properly transfers the license to you. The problem is everyone upgrades instead of buying the complete new version so I would imagine that it’s pretty hard to find a legitimate used version.

Your best bet is to get the 30 day trial and if you want to use professional level software be prepared to pay the price or go with an open source product like Gimp which you can get the same end results from.

Source : Link , Question Author : ErezSO , Answer Author : Chris_O

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