How to change color of multiple text objects at once

I’m using GIMP and I have a lot of text object in a project that must have the same color. Every time I want to change this color I have to select the texts one by one and change it. Is there a way to speed up this operation? Something that let me to change all text color at once?


In my opinion current Gimp versions (2.8) doesn’t allow multiple layers selection, you can group or chain them (see also this question), but this is not the same thing, and you can’t change at once the color of grouped of chained text boxes.

A fast way to change is the following:

1. Select a text layer


2.3. Drag the color from the Toolbox color and drop it onto the image. It should change the color of the selected Textbox. Note: this method doesn’t work if you have already manually changed the color of the text by selecting some characters or the whole text using the text tool.



4. Repeat previous steps until done.

See also here.

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