How to change font of all the text in an SVG image at once using inkscape?

I am using GeoGebra to render geometric figures. Really nice software but it seems the text font cannot be changed in it.

I know I can change font of text using inkscape by individually selecting all the text-boxes but I was wondering if there is way to change the font of all the text at once.


In recent versions of Inkscape there is an extension called “Replace font” which can list all the used fonts in the document, find & replace specific fonts, or replace all the fonts in the document or current selection.

To use the tool, navigate to Extensions -> Text -> Replace Font.
Inkscape List all fonts tab

On the “List all fonts” tab, if you click “Apply”, you’ll be presented with a list of all fonts used:
Inkscape List of all fonts dialog

There are also tabs for “Replace font” and for “Find and Replace font”.
Inkscape Find and Replace font

Note that to use these tools I believe you must copy / paste from the list of all fonts; there is no dialog. Also note that the tools can be applied to the entire drawing or just the current selection by changing the “Work on:” selection at the bottom of each tab.

Source : Link , Question Author : Finch , Answer Author : Allan Smithee

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