How to change multiple layers / frames duration at the same time in the Photoshop Video Timeline?

I can hold and drag each individual layer on timeline to increase its duration but it’s such a pain.

Is there a workaround to change (increase) all layers on timeline to have the same duration?


This is a bit late, but…

You know how you can select multiple files by

  1. Choosing the first file
  2. Then holding down SHIFT key and
    choosing the last file
  3. Which then automatically selects all the
    files inbetween (inclusively) …

You can do something similar here.

  1. Select the first frame you want
  2. Hold down Shift
  3. Then select the last frame you want.

This will select all the desired frames. All you have to do is then change the duration of one and it will apply to all selected.


For this to work, gotta be in “frame animation” mode vs. “timeline animation” mode

Source : Link , Question Author : Julia , Answer Author : ckpepper02

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