How to change the color of multiple objects of the same color all at once?

I have a design that has MANY objects. All objects are one of five different colors. I want to change all the objects that are a peach color to a different color all together. To find all of these objects, select them, then change them would take forever.

Is there a way to select one of the peach objects and tell Illustrator CS5 to find all of the other peach objects and change them all to my new color?


Option 1.

If you want to change one specific color to another specific color.

  • Select one object of the color you want to change
  • Select → Same → Fill Color
  • Change the fill to your desired new color

Option 2.

If you want to change multiple colors.

  • Select All (cmd + A) (or select the parts of your artwork you want to change)
  • View → Hide Edges or (cmd + H) This step isn’t necessary, but makes viewing artwork in the next step easier
  • Edit → Edit Colors → Recolor Artwork… (or there is a Recolor Artwork button in the control panel that looks like a color wheel)

Adobe Illustrator Recolor Artwork

You can learn more about Illustrator’s Recolor Artwork here:

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