How to change the shape of the eraser tool in Illustrator?

I am Photoshop enthusiast, I can’t find how to change eraser shape like in Photoshop (eraser “brush” mode).

In Illustrator eraser is always circle or ellipse (when you change width in eraser parameters). In Photoshop if you want to delete part of the image you just change the brush for your eraser tool and with one click all the area exactly like the brush will be removed from the layer.

I need to tweak-erase a lot of object edges, borders to make grunge effect. My shapes are not a rectangle shapes, each object has complicated structure, so with subtraction between two shapes it will be nightmare and a lot of work to do this task.

So, how to act in Illustrator, like I do in Photoshop – select eraser->change brush->delete something with brush shaped eraser? Thanks in advance for answers.


I want you to know about some trick which probably will help you subtract the brush equal shapes from other shapes.

Let’s say you have a circle and some brush:

enter image description here

You want to subtract from the circle the shape equal to this triangular brush.

For that, you Click-and-Drug this brush to any free-of-objects area on your artboard or outside it – you will get this shape exactly –

enter image description here

Now, you Expand this shape – it always will result in the rectangle and a shape itself, you select the shape and resize it with shift key and after that you can use Pathfinder to cut this shape as usual –

enter image description here

I moved the shape aside –

enter image description here

Probably in some situation you can use this trick for fast cutting.

Source : Link , Question Author : edukulele , Answer Author : Ilan

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