How to choose a good color palette that is easy for the eyes, yet convey the deepness of the topic?

This is the map of all topics my project discusses:

Click for full screen. SVG file

Here are the feedback of the viewers:

  • Person 1: The color is painful to the eyes
  • Person 2: The graphic is quite hard to look at
  • Person 3: If the circles have lighter colors then they will like it more

So I then try another couple palettes that consist all light colors from Coolors:

But I don’t see how they fit. The reasons I choose staged circles to present the information are:

  • Each group of topics has a another group of topics lurking beneath
  • All topics are interconnected, even though they are in different groups

My hypothesis is that light colors cannot convey the feeling of deepness/complicatedness. However, as the feedback says, dark colors may be quite hard to look at. Do you have any recommendations?


My two cents.

A. Keep the palette monochromatic unless you want some other meaning than “Deep”. You could use any color, but normally, a warm color will give you the additional meaning of “Hot”, green of nature. Using blue could reference the sea, where darker blue means “deeper”.

B. Keep the colors, either light enough or dark enough so you do not need to change the color of the text for contrast. But if you need the meaning “Deep” I would keep the dark palette.

C. Keep the colors saturated, especially on the inner circle, unless your concept of “Deep” also means “dark” or “murky”

D. Only use a multi-color palette if you add another meaning, like “urgency”.

enter image description here

That is to answer the question, but you need to work a lot on the way you arrange the texts.

Not asked, but for the texts:

E. Try using a condensed font, this way you can make it bigger, in a more compact block of text.

F. Use bold text if you are using a dark background.

G. If you can reduce the space between letters, the kerning.

enter image description here

H. You have longer words than others, so try to maximize the size of the text using different zones of the circle.

I. You could try using another shape than the circle.

J. You could also rotate the text, but it can complicate the reading if you are not careful.

K. Ideally, you integrate the text on the circle, not “just put the text there” but this depends on the software you are using and the time and expertise you have with it.

enter image description here

The overall idea is to maximize the size and readability of the texts. Probably the users are struggling more about this rather than the palette itself.

Also, each shape means something. As you have the subsection in magenta, it looks that you are zooming in the center part (L).

See if you mean that or in reality, it is just a percentage of the outer circle, so you need to use the center of the circle for the lines to converge. (M)

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Ooker , Answer Author : Rafael

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