How to clean file linking errors on Illustrator?

I have an AI file that contains several linked files, all sorts of psd and image files.

The problem is I don’t have access to any of them, which is okay since I don’t need the files to complete my job.

So, Illustrator always shows this message upon opening the file, asking to ignore or replace the files. Trying to replace each file is a no go, since there are too many and the names are dubious.

You all know this warning.

So my question is: Can I clean all the linked file references some way?

The file size is also very big for what it contains, maybe cleaning these nonexistent linked file references will chop the file size as well.


Open the Links Panel (Window > Links)

Click the link on the panel

Hit the little “Go To” icon at the bottom of the Links Panel.

go to

This will show you the bounding box of where the image is supposed to be….. if it’s not there and not needed, just hit the Delete key.

Then save the file again after you’ve deleted the references. Using Save As.. will probably be better than simply using Save to ensure all link references are purged from the file.

If the image is not there but IS needed, you’ll need to replace it as the warning dialog suggests.

Source : Link , Question Author : Douglas Schmidt , Answer Author : Scott

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