How to color overlay an icon with multiple colors?

Is there a way (ideally using Sketch) to do a single color overlay over an icon that has multiple colors – while preserving the original icon’s different shades?

I’m trying to turn the blue folder icon into different colors (green, purple, etc.), but I’m trying to do it more elegantly than having to go through and recolor each shape individually. I’d like to be able to change the color of the folder and have it respect the opacity of the icon underneath.

Should I make the original blue icon into a transparent gray? Then somehow mask the overlay color? I tried that below in Sketch and couldn’t get it to work.

enter image description here

enter image description here


Try this:

  • input your blue version as a layer
  • delete the white background – you are not going to want it get colored
  • make a selection that covers your shape area (it’s the inverse for that which was used when white background was deleted)
  • paint, floodfill,lay a gradient or somehing else into a new layer; do not exeed the selection border
  • experiment different overlay blending modes and opacity values
  • add another color affecting layer

Actually I do not have Sketch, but I did that in Photoshop, See an example:

enter image description here

Here the overlay is a gradient that resulted this nearly metallic glow. The contrast is boosted by adding luminosity curve atop and making a typical midtone boost S. The gradient in layer 2 has got layer blending mode = exclusion for strong and virtually beforehand unthinkable effect.

Source : Link , Question Author : evan , Answer Author : user287001

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