How to convert an Illustrator EPS to SVG and keep alpha channels and transparency modes?

I have an Illustrator EPS file which has a number of shapes that are set to multiply and overlay modes. I am also using a number of masks. Is there a way to export this art in SVG format and keep all the visuals intact?

As per this WIKI page I think it should be possible.

I’ve tried saving my EPS as SVG several times with various options but am unable to get the alpha channels to render properly some of my vector shapes get rasterized as well.


At this moment, SVGs do not support everything that Illustrator has to offer, and blend modes is one of those things at this moment.

If you want the *.svg to show identically to the *.ai, you should try to apply Object > Expand appearance…, Object > Expand and Object > Flatten transparency to just about everything.

That should technically remove the blend modes, but it should look just like the original – just don’t forget to save the original artwork in a separate file, because once you perform the “Flatten Transparency”, there is no going back.

This answer is based on @Bakabaka ‘s answer to a similar question. Hope it helps!

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