How to convert every pixel of raster picture to square objects in Illustrator?

For example I have 10×10px icon. I want to produce 100 squares with correspondent color and location each. Actually, the question is how to make exact pixel mosaic out of raster image.

I tried Live Trace but it added some distortions to squares.


This is actually really easy. Take a selected copied or placed (unlinked) raster image, then:

  • Object > Create Object Mosaic
    • Or, in older versions of Illustrator, it was Filter > Create > Mosaic
  • Input the exact width and height of the pixel image under “Number of tiles”.
  • That’s it!

Your vector pixel squares will be wrapped in two groups, so ungroup twice or double-click into isolation mode twice to get at the individual squares (or rectangles if your ratio is off…).

Two examples:

Quick example using a Yahoo emoticon borrowed from this question:

enter image description here

Detailed example, with polar bears:

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