How to convert text paths to editable text in an .eps file downloaded from Shutterstock?

I am an experienced PHP programmer, but very new to Illustrator. Finally, the time has come that I need to download artwork from Shutterstock ( for use on a customer’s website.

The file is in .eps format, and when I open this file in Illustrator CS5 I see all of the “Lorem Ipsum” text, but it does not seem to be editable – it seems to be nothing but clickable paths.

Is there a simple way for me to use Illustrator to present to me the text in editable text form, so that I can proceed to edit the text?

The image is:

Shutterstock image with text in path format


The text has been outlined (converted to paths). Once text has been outlined, it cannot be un-outlined.

This is typically done so that a font file does not have to be embedded. Ideally the designer should have kept a copy of the original text object locked and hidden, but I’m guessing that is not the case.

You will have to go through and re-create the text objects, unfortunately.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dan Nissenbaum , Answer Author : JohnB

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