How to create a blueprint for a website on paper?

I have been doing web design for a couple of years now. I am trying to design it on paper but am not the best at it.

Could you please give me some advise on how to blueprint it? How can I create wireframe-like mockups of a website on paper with a pencil or pen?


I’ve used a method where the boxes are actually pieces of post-it notes. Today I use cellphone sized ones because they are usually big enough. You can cut them in shape put text on them. But the best function is that you can move them about. Even better your client can move them about.

The thing is the mockup stage can not look too finished. People who are not used to your workflow might otherwise think its final and not suggest changes. Remember it might be a quick thing for you in Photoshop, but it may not look like that to somebody not trained in this thing.

Its even possible to print on post it notes. So you could have a cache of pre-printed notes for things like embedded video containers, maps etc. Let your prototypes look like ones.

Source : Link , Question Author : jaydz49 , Answer Author : joojaa

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