How to create a clockwise gradient in Inkscape

I would like to know whether it is possible to create a circular gradient or alternative one which follows a given path in Inkscape.

This is the effect I would like to create:

Circular gradient

To generate this image I created lots of small wedges and manually set each individual wedge’s alpha value.

This question was answered for Adobe Illustrator in How to apply a gradient effect for a particular circular path? and for Gimp in Create a clockwise gradient in GIMP, however I was unable to find an answer for Inkscape.

Thank you.


In the Inkscape devel version, there’s a conical gradient available (Mesh gradient tool).

You can find it (precompiled) for Ubuntu in the ppa, and for Windows, there are occasional 32bit builds:

(can’t add more links, else I’d have linked directly. Scroll down to “Development versions”)

Screenshot Mesh gradient / conical test case

Edit: I just got the info that it does not currently work with 32bit devel versions for Windows, because it requires a newer version of the cairo library. The Ubuntu ppa version works well, though.

Source : Link , Question Author : Liam Lime , Answer Author : Moini

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