How to create a consistent style across stock images for a website?

I am currently applying changes to this site.

Becky, my customer, demands that the images be changed so that
the image content will also be compatible with each other.

I tried using icons and vector art, etc, but they rejected all of the ones I offered.

enter image description here

I tried changing the imagery with each version by changing the style of the images, but I don’t know how to do it. I thought maybe a color overlay layer is helpful. Something like this:

enter image description here

The first image is taken from smashing magazine .com and the second is from

Essentially creating a color overlay layer with text overlaid on top.

They rejected this idea.

Then I thought maybe create a different shape from images with same style? Something like this:

enter image description here

But they rejected this idea as well. I’ve tried many ideas and many ways but the customer rejects them all.

Are there any other ways to create consistency between a group of differing images?



  • Tune the clarity, vibrancy, and saturation to a similar level across the entire collection of images as much as possible by eye

    Your images look a bit washed out/desaturated to me, but this isn’t a critique. Just try to make them each share similar levels of vibrancy, saturation, and clarity.

  • I tend to mask out the original skies in collections of poor outdoor photos and replace them with a consistent, sunny, (happy) sky

  • Sometimes during the photo-finding phase it can be good to add an additional constraint of looking for photos with colours consistent to your colour scheme or finding images where changing the colours to fit your scheme won’t be too difficult


  • Finding photos with a similar general “plane”/perspective really helps to create consistency

    For example, many of your images are, for want of a better term, “eye-level”. That makes the birds eye view image very inconsistent. Either find a common perspective, or make sure that the perspective differs enough across the entire collection (don’t have 95% eye-level, 5% birds eye view — try to mix it up a bit more).

Level of Detail

  • Use images with a consistent level of detail

    For example, most of your images are photographic, which just doesn’t have any consistency with the simple, “non-realistic” graphics. Stick with either simple graphics or photo graphics, but not both for the same purpose.

Framing / Background

  • Ensure the images essentially look like they were made specifically for their frame

    For example, the image of two couples with a broken heart is encased within another frame, which just makes it look like it was pasted in amateurishly.

  • Use images with similar background compositions

    This doesn’t mean all nature backgrounds, or all purple backgrounds, it means don’t have some full background images, and some “light-boxed”, (with a lot of literal white space).

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