How to create a customized city map

Any ideas how to start making a customized city map (one example below). I’m fairly good in using Illustrator and Inkscape but I’m unsure what an optimal workflow would be.


The easiest way:

If you want to do this in a much faster way you could go to and find a street map you want your map to look like. Then click ‘export’ and download the map as pdf (Map will be vector) which you can open in Illustrator and modify it to match your needs.

If you want to do it from scratch:

  • Start out with a number of screencaps from Google Maps to have as reference for building and street shapes.
  • Create brush styles for freeways, highways, roads, dividing lines, and other lines
  • Create common icons to be used like street indicators, highway indicators and such
  • Using one of the screencaps from google maps start by drawing all streets, highways and freeways to match using the brush styles
  • After the streets and highways are done draw your own fictitious blocks between the streets using the rest of the Google Maps screencaps
  • Add fake street names and indicators
  • Create the legend

Source : Link , Question Author : Illusion , Answer Author : zachzurn

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