How to create a fade to transparent gradient effect in Illustrator?

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The black gradient effect that is placed in front of the pattern but behind the text is what I’m looking to achieve. I’ve tried creating a black to transparent gradient but can’t the nice blur/fade effect the arrow points to. Thanks in advance!


For Illustrator

Draw a rectangle above your pattern object and fill it with a gradient…

You will have to add the color stops the Gradient Panel to create the reflected gradient.

Then be certain to click the end stops and set their opacity to 0%:

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More information on working with gradients in Illustrator can be found by clicking here.

For Photoshop

Set your foreground and background colors to the default black and white. You can do this my just tapping the D key on the keyboard.

Method 1

Choose Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient from the menu.

Name the layer if you want in the pop up window then click OK

You get a second pop up window. Simply alter the settings to create the gradient….

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Then move this new layer above your pattern layer in the Layers Panel

Method 2

Select the Gradient Tool.

In the Control Bar across the top of the screen, choose the Reflected gradient option:

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Set the gradient in the Control Bar to be a foreground to transparent gradient (because you set the color to defaults it will be a black to transparent gradient).

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Add a New Layer above the “pattern” artwork.

Then, click and drag from the center of the document window to the edge.

This will create a gradient across the center of the document.

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