How to create a “painting by number” picture in photoshop?

I know this question is very counter intuitive.

Well, Photoshop is used to alter pictures and I guess there is no way that they can detect, for example where a building ends, or where the outline of a person is, can it?

I just want the place, where something ends, not all the shades in between.

For example, on a cartooney caracter like Donald Duck, so that I only have the lines, and then could color the figure.

How can I get the outline of this Charizard:

This question is not like this one:

What software can create a paint-by-number?

where they use a 3rd party plugin.
I’d like to know how you do it in photoshop, but not that I’d be tracking everything by hand.

More that I just get the contours.

Feel free to alter this question, if you beleve that it claryfies it.


This will be hard work in Photoshop, but fairly straightforward if you have access to Adobe Illustrator…

In Illustrator, you can use the Image Trace function to turn an image into paths. This used to be fairly unreliable, but the functionality in newer versions of Illustrator is pretty awesome.

The trick is to trace the image into a full colour trace and then selectively remove the colour and add outlines. In the below example, I used Select > Same > Fill colour to select all of the black outlines and then locked them. I then selected all of the coloured shapes and changed them to white with a black outline…

enter image description here

Not bad for two minutes work and it could be a lot better with a bit of time and care.

One thing to note: the higher the resolution of the source image, the better the result will be.

Source : Link , Question Author : Frezzley , Answer Author : Westside

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