How to create a responsive web design? [closed]

How do you exactly create a very responsive web design? Do you create application for your website to be responsive when using mobile and/or tablets?


Responsive Design

A nice definition and or article on responsive or fluid design can be found here: . And I do not have to add to much to it. A responsive design is a designed site that adjusts to its environment and mostly adjusts itself to the screen resolution of the medium used by the visitor. This to make sure the site looks good on a 17″ screen monitor, but also on your iPhone 5. It should not just fit, but content display should be appealing too, so often some content is not loaded or loaded later or in another form to make it look good.

Twitter Bootstrap

OS CMS like Joomla! use Twitter Bootstrap to help in creating sites that display well on devices with different screen resolutions making the site responsive to the need of the user and the device he or she is using. WordPress also has themes like Roots that integrate Bootstrap and HTML5 Boilerplate. But Bootstrap can be implemented in any CMS or static site.

Responsive DIY

With HTML5 and CSS2 or 3 you can create your own responsive design as well of course. I just means making your site load content in a different way to make it fit and look good on an iPhone, Galaxy Tablet or Nokia Lumia as known examples. See an ok sample at Microsoft’s knowledge base here.

My Two Cents

Still I’d recommend a framework like Twitter Bootstrap. Why not use a system that is Open Source and has already worked out the major issues?

Source : Link , Question Author : Rupert Jamison , Answer Author : rhand

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