How to create a triangular grid in Illustrator

This has been bugging me for some time and i’m not sure how to approach it. I’ve attempted several times. I’m trying to create the lines similar to the compositions in the picture shown:

enter image description here
PS – If anyone could identify the designer who made these I would appreciate it.


Different answers will work here; here’s something I did in a matter of about a minute.

  • Select the Polygon Tool (Click and hold the Rectangle Tool in the Tools palette if you’re not sure how to get it) and click on the canvas; give a 20px radius and 6 sides and press Enter.
  • Toggle Smart Guides (Ctrl + U) and select the Line tool (\ on the keyboard).
  • Draw three line segments to yield a group of six “triangles”:

    lines bisecting hexagon

  • Group these together.

  • With your group selected (and your Selection Tool activated – v on the keyboard), press Enter. Since your radius was 20px, have your hex go 40 horizontally and 0 vertically. Press Copy (not OK!):
    Two groups of triangles!
  • Rinse and repeat as much as you’d like.
  • To go vertically, do the same thing but select your entire row, set your horizontal value to 20 and your vertical value to 40. That vertical value will actually be a bit much; just nudge the row up:
    Two rows now
  • Continue to repeat, either with the Move dialog as you have been or with the mouse, using Shift and Alt to lock into alignment and duplicate as you drag:
    Full grid

That will give you the grid. Once you have that in place, you can draw shapes within it pretty easily!

Shape in grid

Source : Link , Question Author : Bill Brown , Answer Author : Brendan

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