How to create an EAN-13 barcode with a font?

I’ve googled for over 30 mins now, I can’t find a free barcode font for EAN-13. Anyone know of any? fontsquirrel have none, Dafont have a few, But none of them are EAN-13 (as far as I know).


If you need a small number of barcodes, and have some time but no budget, it’s simple to produce vector-based barcodes using an online barcode generator and Illustrator (or whatever your tool of choice is).

For example, will produce an EAN-13 barcode for you for free. The cool thing about their images is that they are snapped to-pixel, so you can get a black-and-white PNG with no anti-aliasing.

Copy the PNG into your vector program and, if snap-to-pixel is available, it’s a very quick process to draw a bunch of rectangles over the barcodes. You can then put the numbers at the bottom using whatever machine-looking font you want.

Booya, barcodes!

Addendum: I have used this process to create barcodes for products that have been sold at retail level. It does work, but it is still best practice to verify the printed code before you go into production.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mathias , Answer Author : Farray

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