How to create an object like wave

I need to create an object like this

Picture 1

If I use Pencil tool I get something like this

Picture 2

As you can see wave parts are not equal. I can try harder with Pencil tool to create a perfect wave but it will take much time.

When applying a ZigZag filter on the rectangle an excellent wave object is created but the wave is the part of the whole object.

Picture 3

Is there any way to cut part of the rectangle object to get an object like on the picture 1 ? Or maybe there is a simpler way to create the object like on the picture 1?


  • Start with a horizontal path and apply a Zig Zag Effect

enter image description here

  • Menu Object > Expand Appearance
  • Delete the side points
  • Select the side points and click the Convert to Corner icon

Convert to corner

  • Move them down and press Cmd + J Mac or Ctrl + J Win to join the points
  • Press Cmd + E Mac or Ctrl + E Win to see the scale box and holding Alt scale the points to the center


Source : Link , Question Author : Vic VKh , Answer Author : Community

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