How to create an outlined circle with centered horizontal and vertical gaps in Illustrator?

Could you explain to me, how I can draw a shape like the one in the following image?

How can I cut any part of circle to get such 4 shapes with Adobe Illustrator?

enter image description here


  1. Create the circle shape.

  2. Remove the fill.

  3. Give it a stroke that is as thick as the width you want.

  4. Go to Object → Expand.. in the top horizontal menu.

    Expanding circle with stroke and no fill

  5. Create a rectangle that’s as thick as you want the gaps to be.

  6. While you still have the rectangle selected, hold Shift and select the circle. Use the alignment options to center it horizontally and vertically relative to the circle shape.

    Centering rectangle relative to circle

  7. Select only the rectangle. Press CTRL + C to copy the shape.

  8. Press CTRL + Shift + V to paste it in exactly the same place as the first rectangle.

  9. Right click the currently selected shape (rectangle 2) and go to Transform → Rotate... Enter 90° into the dialog box and press enter.

    Rotating duplicated rectangle

  10. Select both rectangles and go to the pathfinder. Merge them.

    Merging rectangles

  11. Select the newly formed cross and the outlined circle and, using the pathfinder again, select Minus Front.

    Minusing cross from outlined circle

    Et Voila!

    Final desired result

Source : Link , Question Author : komon , Answer Author : Dom

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