How to create continuous flat shadow of text in photoshop?

I know this is super easy to do, but I can’t find a way to drop this type of shadow thing in photoshop. Something like this:

enter image description here

Can anyone help to achieve this type of text effect shadow?

I approached this stepwise:
1. Written a text
2. Created a white rectangle layer behind text.
3. Ctrl + click on text layer, created text marquee and deleted the same text from from white rectangle.
4. Been trying with perspective transform, but could move any further.

I’m stuck with something like this.

enter image description here


The 3rd method on the page you posted is probably going to be the winner for you, but there are ways to ‘cheat’. Whichever way you do it you could take some short-cuts, though they do come with a price.

Firstly, we have to take into account that we’re using vanishing point perspective. For this we need to decide on the vanishing point. For upper case text this will be simple… Or will it? Bear in mind that characters in fonts are not necessarily all the same height…

Character heights

Now convert our text to shapes. Then we need to make a copy of the shape text (Alt + Drag the text)…

Convert to shapes

Select the Background layer and (so long as the document bounds snap setting is ticked) you should be able to drag guides from your rulers which will snap to the centre width and height of the current image. These crossed guides will become our vanishing point (VP). In reality we don’t have to have the guides crossing in the centre of the document, they can cross anywhere. Now, using the Move Tool move the converted text shape on to the guides so that the centre of the shape snaps to the crossed guides:

Snap shape to guides

Use the Direct Selection Tool either move or delete the anchor points around the outside of each letter furthest from the vanishing point. As an example, consider the first T shape. Choose one of the anchor points not on the closest edges to the VP and drag it to the VP (it should snap into place):

Drag the vertices to the VP

Now right-click and delete the other anchor points…

Delete the other anchor points

…until you have just those closest to your VP:

Finished first letter

Now repeat this process for your other letters. Some letters will require more work than others. In the example I’ve shown you I found the S, second E and R required a bit more thought than the others.

All letters done

Remember we kept a copy of our letters, earlier, now we can use them to cut our shapes out. Notice, here, I’ve given them a different colour to the shadow we’ve just been working with:

Original lettering

There are a couple of errors here and there, but these can be tidied up as you go, for instance, I’ve missed the VP shadow from the top of the second T.

The process I’ve described gives a VP shadow for solid characters. If you want to make the shadow characters transparent, as you have in your original post, then you’ll need to be a little destructive (uh-oh!) with the shape you’ve just been working on.

Select your shadow shape and Rasterise it:


Now Ctrl + click the front text shape (the red text in my image) in the layers panel so you get the marquee around the text shape.

Selected text

Select the shadow text layer and press the Delete key to clear that area:


The whole process was pretty involved and not something I’d like to do frequently. Personally I’d rather take a snap-shot of one of the effects from another package and simply paste it into Photoshop and trace the points around – far easier.

Source : Link , Question Author : g13 , Answer Author : Paul

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