How to create high quality 32×32 pixels BMP?

I know it oxymoron but I have a pretty unique situation.
We have LED panels with 32×32 resolution. To display an image on these LED panels, I have to run BMP format file through a special program to regenerate HEX matrix.

I’m struggling on how to generate these BMP images so that they don’t look like crap. And the images aren’t even that complex… For example, a walking man and a hand (walk/stop signs you see at traffic lights).

I have AI and Photoshop so I think I have the right tools and just don’t know the best way. So far I tried creating 32×32 in AI and saving in BMP format but pixels don’t translate well. Tried creating 32×32 in Photoshop but it’s so hard to work in this resolution that I almost have to do it one pixel at a time.
Also tried going highest res possible in AI and the resizing to 32×32 in Photoshop.


The most precise way you will achieve a quality 32px² picture is really making it pixel by pixel. The very origins of pixel art came from the need to convey visual information in absurdly limited resolution space.

making it in illustrator and downscaling it may result in arbitrary antialiasing that may not look good, mainly in LED panels. the finest way to make it look good at this resolution is to either make it from scratch at pixel-level. or procedurally fixing a downscaled picture at pixel-level.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sergey Bebenin , Answer Author : Lucas Flicky

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