How to create Illustrations and Art from Sketches in Adobe Illustrator

I have been using Adobe Illustrator to sketch and draw with my Wacom Tablet, I’ve gotten pretty good with it. But I’m having trouble figuring out how do I turn those sketches into a real Illustrating.

This Illustration is what I wish I can do.

From Sketch, to Line-Art, then to a colorful, detailed Illustration.

Calvin Huang linked to me a very good Video Tutorial, I am wondering if there are anymore tutorials, or Guides [Video or Not] that is like that, or if any Artists on here that can give out a tip or two to help me out.

I look at the designs on Dribbble and I get so inspired by them, but I have no idea where to start.


First of all having a tablet for drawing is a step too far for you i guess, i you are used to using it, then its fine but a step backward and using mouse for starters will make you more comfortable on vector drawing. I personally find drawing vectors with mouse more controlled.

Main method – not a mistake – with tablet is using it as a brush, think of it as a plotter pen to draw vectors, you wont draw strokes but point specific coordinates to create shapes.

And for vector drawing practice is the starting point.
Many similar resources available but these guys take their job seriously and update content regularly.

Also following and checking archives of Smashing Magazine will give you great resources,

Source : Link , Question Author : Trippy , Answer Author : Yunus

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