How to create interactive emails?

What programmes do I need to create an email newsletter that can contain hyperlinks, artwork, video or links to video etc . For a long time I’ve been making our charities’ newsletter /posters in PS / AI and sending them either as an attachment or inline in email.

But now we have more activity with social media/youtube I’d like to be able to create eye catching emails with clear links to youtube , without simply pasting an ugly link !

I’ve seen quite a few websites that offer a template type platform for emails like this but Ideally Id like to learn how to create it from scratch etc … but if this involves lots of code then perhaps i should try a template

Any suggestions?


You only need a graphics program to make the images that will go in the email but for the layout itself you do not need to use any specific program. You could code it in notepad or an online code editor like jsFiddle. Just remember to use inline CSS and tables!

If you want to design an email from scratch then you will need to learn code (HTML and CSS). You still may need to learn some HTML and CSS if you plan to edit a template from an email marketing company like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

If you have no to little experience coding I would suggest you use an online email marketing service to edit a template and make it your own. A template is just a starting point and you should be able to change it to your liking.

In my experience Constant Contact gives you a lot of control but is annoying to use and MailChimp is very easy to use but less overall control.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rachel , Answer Author : AndrewH

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