How to create Isosceles trapezoid?

1) I create a horizontal rectangle shape.
2) I select the 2 top anchor points using Direct Select, the white arrow (A) while holding shift.
3) If I move them the move the same way forming a parallelogram.

I’d like to know a way for these two top anchors will move mirrored so it form a (tryed alt, etc but couldn’t catch it, or if theres a better way to make a trapezoid .
Shapes for reference


For Illustrator:

  1. Create a rectangle
  2. Select the two top anchor points with the white Direct Selection Tool.
  3. Click the Scale Tool scale tool
  4. Drag left and right to scale only the top line. It is automatically constrained to horizontal scaling only.


  1. Select menu “Object > Transform > Scale …”
  2. Type a percentage — it doesn’t matter if you use Uniform or Horizontal, again only the selected anchor points will move horizontally.

This doesn’t work with the Transform Each dialog, which always affects the entire object.

The Online Help suggests using the Transform panel as a third option, but this, again, seems to always work on the entire object. Which is a pity, because it seems to be the only panel where you can type in a measurement value instead of a percentage.

Source : Link , Question Author : Adrian , Answer Author : Jongware

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