How to create metalic reflection effect in pixel art?

Currently I just randomly drawing right leaning segments with lighter colour, and sometimes It looks better sometimes it doesn’t. But I don’t understand what kind of pattern should I follow.

enter image description here


I find using gradients with a bunch of semi-random grey stops can replicate a chrome mirrored effect pretty well. It helps if there’s some lighter points towards the top, but also a nice reflection from the ground.

For a bit of fun, you can also overlay another gradient with some colour in it. I’m using a gradient from solid purple at 0% opacity to 100% opacity for the Purple Gradient layer below.

enter image description here

The example below was created really quickly, using Dan Fessler’s HD index painting for some automated lo-fi dithering.

enter image description here

And, from there you can hand tweak to get things exactly as you’d like.

The same technique can work for other shapes and gradient types.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : P.Haka , Answer Author : Marc Edwards

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