How to create the 3D logo like this with Adobe Photoshop

I need help creating a logo like this.

I have tried Skew option and Perspective option but those didn’t work.

enter image description here

This is the image I have tried below.

enter image description here


In Photoshop

If you’re going for a similar style of the original artwork and using Photoshop then you will want to use the Distort Tool.

Write out your text. I quickly used the pen tool to show an example of the original text.

You have to turn your type layer into a smart object. Right click on the type layer in the layers panel and click Convert to Smart Object.
– Tip by Ryan

You must first make sure your type layer is rasterized. Right click on the type layer in the layers panel and click Rasterize Type.

I have all of my shapes in a group layer. Transform the layer Ctrl + T. Right click on the canvas and select Distort. You will now be able to individually move each corner to create the desired perspective.

using the distort tool

You will see the bottom right corner is slightly lifted upwards and the top right anchor point is moved down more.

For the rest of the image. Just add a stroke and use the pen tool to get the other black shapes.

In Illustrator

I would suggest creating this effect in Illustrator using the Perspective Grid Tool

Source : Link , Question Author : Envira Phani , Answer Author : AndrewH

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