How to create the following arrow in Inkscape? [duplicate]

I would like to create the following arrow in Inkscape and wonder about the best way to do this:

enter image description here

Should I create all the different lines independently and then merge them together or is there an easier way? The problem with this approach would be that there might then be small gaps or the angles are not consistent etc.


The easiest way to draw shapes like this is to use a grid and guides.

Just set your grid to a useful size, set up some guides at the correct intervals, turn on some combination of grid or guide snapping and draw.

Take this example of a similar arrow:

enter image description here

Note, I don’t use Inkscape and the example was made in Illustrator. Inkscape has grids, guides and a pen tool though so there’s not much difference.

Source : Link , Question Author : Cleb , Answer Author : Cai

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