How to create these rotated clones?

I am a beginner in Inkscape. I want to create an image similar to Yury’s diagram:

enter image description here

This is what I tried so far:

I created a circle, selected it and went to Edit > Clone > Create tiled clones.

I searched under “symmetry” but didn’t find a rotation of 22.5 degrees (which is the rotation required to create the above image) – only 60 degrees.

I went to “Rotation” and set the “per row” rotation to 22.5 degrees, but only got a grid of 5-by-5 circles (probably each circle was rotated in place).

What should I do now?


The fastest way to obtain such an image is to translate the rotation center of the initial object and then proceed manually by duplicating and applying a transformation (rotation in this case) to the last duplicate.

For example, you can start with two circles, grouping them (Ctrl-G) and translating the rotation center (by selecting the group, clicking a second time and dragging the cross representing the rotation center – see here for further informations). In the example the big circumference is shown as reference:

Starting pattern and rotation center

Now, you can duplicate the group (Ctrl-D) and apply a rotation (22.5 ° in the example) using the Transform dialog:

Rotate the group

Repeat the operation: duplicate the last group with the left hand (it’s already selected!) and click on “apply” with the mouse (the pointer is in the same position):

Repeat the operation

Repeat until it’s done. A bit boring, but very fast:

End of the work

Alternatives are possible using symmetry (see Radial placement with Tiled Clones tutorial), but you need to tweak a little to obtain this image.

Further examples are here and here.

Source : Link , Question Author : Erel Segal-Halevi , Answer Author : OLEGSHA

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