How to create wooden texture for table?

I’ve been developing a flash game which is a top-view table top game. I’m trying to have a go at the art myself and need the table to look kind of smooth and not photo-realistic.

So far I tried to import a wooden texture to photoshop (which I have very little knowledge of) and apply a few filters to the texture but it ended up looking photo-realistic while the objects on top were clearly vector graphics – sleek and shiny.

I’d like to create a table-top that looks like the background table found here.


Any ideas how to do it?


Try this. It seems to me to fit the “woody but clearly not a photo” criterion.

In Photoshop set your background color to #d7ce9f (RGB 215, 206, 159).

Set the foreground to #ba9d7b (RGB 186, 157, 123).

Copy the background layer of a new document, and choose Filter > Render > Fibers. Set the variance to a low number (below 10) and the strength to around 25. Click “Randomize” until you see something that’s reasonably close to what you want to end up with, then click OK.

Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Set the angle to 90 (vertical) and a high value for distance.

Adjust Saturation to taste.

You end up with this:

Woody Look

To change the type of “wood” vary the colors and the amount of Saturation adjustment.

Source : Link , Question Author : Astromaz3 , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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