How to crop an image in Scribus?

Is it possible to crop an image in an imageframe?

It’s the first time I am using scribus, so this might be a dumb question, but adjusting layer to image and vice versa was immediately clear, but cropping just wasn’t and google didn’t yield me any usefull results just yet..

Of course I know cropping isn’t the first duty of a dtp program like Scribus, but it looked simple enough to expect it.


Oh dear! It waited here for so long! I hope it still helps.

Select “Image Frame” with content you want to crop. In “Properties” window (usually F2/Window->Properties) go to the “Image” section. There you can select between two modes: “Free Scaling” and “Scale To Frame Size”. They’re quite self-explanatory: the latter will scale your content along with Image Frame, the former will make image “immune” to changes of its container size, thus enabling you to effectively “crop” image.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter , Answer Author : thebodzio

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