How to crop everything hidden by an vector OPACITY mask in Adobe Illustrator?

I have lot of objects which are bounded by opacity mask.

I need to get rid of my opacity mask, clipping each object where it intersects with my mask. It is a lot of hassles to do it manually.

Is there some other easy way? Some automatic clip of all objects?


Building on what GoofyMonkey suggests:

  1. Release the opacity mask. Cut it.

  2. Group the underlying objects or combine then using the pathfinder tool that unites areas.

  3. Paste the object that was formerly the opacity mask back into the composition. Use Paste in Front to ensure it’s on top of your other objects and in the same position.

  4. Use the pathfinder on the 2 objects (the single group of 280 objects + the former opacity mask).

Source : Link , Question Author : Vnovak , Answer Author : Charles B

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