How to cross wires in Illustrator?

I am using Illustrator CC 2018, trying to do the same explained in this tutorial.

enter image description here

In the step 3, I don’t see the intersection label between the circle and the segment (but they do intersect, I don’t know why).

That prevents me from deleting the inner part of the rect segment.

In any case, is there any quicker way to do this? I have like 100 wire intersections and going one by one can take a long time.


Here’s a slightly easier method.

  1. Make sure Smart Guides are on. Click and drag the circle onto the line, so that the centre of the circle intersects with the lines

  2. Select both the line and the circle, by holding down Shift as you click on them with the Selection Tool (V).

  3. Choose the Shaper Tool, draw a squiggly line over the lines you wish to delete

  4. Click Object > Expand, OK, Object > Ungroup (do this twice). Then click Object > Path > Join

I made a very quick video of the process here


Using Shortcuts could make this quicker:

  • Ungroup = Shift+CTRL+G

  • Join = CTRL+J

You could even record step 4 as an Action to speed things up.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Daniel Viaño , Answer Author : chicks

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