how to curve text in an arc using gimp

I have a small tea company and I’m trying to redesign our logo.

What I would like is for the text to bend in a arc, as if on a coin.

enter image description here

I would like to render the text as if it’s “backbone” were shaped in the following way:

enter image description here

Or even a “softer” (i.e. slightly flatter) arc.

Towards this end I’ve watched some tutorials online- I point them out below.

This tutorial is the most useful resource I’ve found thus far.

Also this one, and this video.

The general consensus is to use

Filters > Distorts > Curve Bend

but this makes the text very “fat” in the center and small on the sides.

People also mention

Map > Map Object > 

But there isn’t an arc, only a circle or a cylinder and these options also horribly distort the text.

Is there a good way, using Gimp, to render my text in a nice gentle arc- for instance to fit the ellipse I linked to from my site, or even a sharper arc, as if on a coin?


If your text is a text layer (preview replaced by a T icon), then:

  • Make a Path that follows the arc,
  • Use Layer>Text along path (this menu is only available on text layers).
  • This creates another path, which is your text following the arc path.
  • Select>From path to create a selection from this
  • Bucket-fill the selection.

Slightly complex, but the result is much sharper than with other methods There are however two drawbacks:

  1. The text is left-justified on the path when you usually want it
  2. Characters are slightly distorted

The ofn-text-long-path script gives you many more options for formatting/positioning the text and uses a different method to create the characters to avoid distortion.

Source : Link , Question Author : smatthewenglish , Answer Author : xenoid

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