How to delete all photos from iCloud library without having to manually delete every 1000 items?

I have a friend which has 2 TB of media data. I backed it up to my PC and now I want to delete all files from iCloud so that she has free space again, but I am restricted to delete 1000 items at a time. She has more than 400.000 files so this is a time consuming task…

Is it really designed that stupid or is there an easy way to delete all media?


Deleting photos is easy if you can borrow a Mac.

If not, you’ll want to pick away with it or open a support case with Apple. The engineers can blow away files if you give them a support PIN and they have a reasonable belief you can’t do it by plugging away with the tools Apple ships and you realize the limitations are there to prevent a moment where someone destroys another’s library when their phone is unlocked and not hassle someone that legitimately wants to remove thousands upon thousands of photos.

Source : Link , Question Author : Black , Answer Author : bmike

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