How to delete the path between two nodes, but not the nodes themselves in Inkscape?

I have a contour object, and I would like to delete a part of it (a line).

So I converted the object to a path, selected the Edit paths by nodes tool and deleted the unwanted nodes, now I have the contour but I’m still left with a bezier connecting the next two nodes.

I tried to delete that connection, but when I select it and delete it, Inkscape does not delete the line, but the nodes at both ends, which I didn’t want.

How do I delete the line but keep the open contour? (So far it is a closed contour).

Background: this object is a county, it is a map in general. I would like to keep all data inside the object except the lines which shows the borders of the county.


You need to use the “delete segment” button.

In the node tool, select the segment you want to remove. In the second line of the top toolbar, look for an icon that has two nodes connected with a line at the top, a down arrow, and two separate nodes at the bottom:

enter image description here

This will disconnect the nodes without deleting them. Here is the result:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : greenoldman , Answer Author : Krzysztof Kosiński

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